I am looking for USB drives for under privileged kids at our school. The problem is that some students are creating things that they cannot save and/or take with them. They may not be able to use/view their stuff at home as they do not own a computer or they may have one that is very old. They may have access to a computer at a relatives home or have the ability to go to a store to get pictures printed but that is all, other than their access at school. These kids don’t have the means necessary to secure a reliable storage device to keep their stuff. Some of these kids are very creative and have created some amazing work. You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen come from the Special Education classrooms here. Simply awe inspiring. I wish I had the permission to share some of it and hopefully someday I will be able to do just that.

What I’m hoping for is that someone out there or even several someone’s will have some USB drives they can bare to part with. If you have given a presentation, held a conference, have promotional stock that is out of date or simply have a few thumb drives laying around, please consider sending them to me. I’ll even try to reimburse you for shipping if needed. The simpler the better and I don’t care about the size, color or what is printed on them. Well, as long as it is not inappropriate for K-12 students that is. 🙂

My work address is:

Kevin D. Boutelle
c/o: Oswego County BOCES – Instructional Technology
179 Co. Rt. 64
Mexico, NY 13114

Thanks in advance for looking and passing the message along if you can.