Ideas Presented

The concept that the “kids know it already because they are already using it” is misleading. Using the tools, accepting the results without understanding the implications does not equate to knowing.

How do instructors know when to “turn off” the educational aspect of social networking. Since this is something that occurs non-stop. Develop sound policies that address this and include this thought: “if you wouldn’t call the students home at that time, should you be communicating with them via social networking?” Another aspect that may be presented is that a student may ask a question at any time but expecting an answer “right away” should not be the rule. Instead, the instructor can set guidelines (or the policy can set that guideline) for when the “cut-off time” is.

Including students in conversations about developing a new AUP is important.

Development of a “web footprint” should be constructive not destructive.


The presenters for this session made a wiki for us to use during the event. That can be found at

The Need: Connected to the Regents Reform Agenda and the Regents Learning Technology Plan and Next Generation Learning.

NYSED State Wide Learning Technology Plan:

Internet Safety:

Social Media in Education website:

The Dignity Act for All Students:

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