I’d like to offer a bit of a definition for what this blog will be in the future. It will not cease to be a place where I will experiment when I can with things that I find interesting with this blog software. That is what you’ve seen so far in the posts that are here currently. So, every once in a while you’ll see something that doesn’t really seem like it should be a post about the latest, coolest technology wizardry that is out and about. What you’ll see instead is my exploration of the capabilities of what can be done in a post. Mostly, this is so that I can help others in their quest to make the best blog they can with the same software.

I’d also like to contribute a little more to the techie types that might follow what I’m doing. In this sense you may see a post about a conference or event that I’ve attended. You may also see my take on some cool new bit of technology that I’ve used or had some revelation about. What you will not see is a reference to a cool techie widget that does not also appear on my Facebook page. You know the place? No? Well check it out! You can find it at http://www.facebook.com/TechTipsYouCanUse. I really dig that site as I can put tutorials or links to techno wizardry so that the magic curtain can be drawn back, even if just a little.

I think that’s my purpose here. On the planet I mean. I think it’s my personal responsibility to do what I can to assist those that want to know more about technology in whatever small way that I can. If I can explain something or show you how to do something in a way that makes sense to you, then I’ve succeeded. We will then both be better because of it.