meI am a Technology Trainer. The definition of my title changes on a daily basis and sometimes hour by hour. From helping someone learn how to use a new computer or peripheral to assisting an instructor with a new, Web 2.0 based project, I do whatever is asked. Flexibility with technology is my strength. That and an ability to explain just about anything technology to anyone that isn’t all that techno-literate and have them actually understand it.

It’s all about exploring, willingness to learn and an ability to see it from my clients point of view. Too few in technology related fields have the ability or the desire to see their world from their clients seat. I’m constantly observing those that I work with. The confused look on their face is the first clue. I never let that pass. I must know what it is that is causing the road block. I need to know what it was that I said or did that resulted in confusion. After all, if I’m not learning from them I can’t be much help now can I?

This blog is my attempt at understanding the latest, coolest software that is available for making your own blog. I own my own domain and hosting space so I can do what I like with this installation of WordPress and that is exactly what I plan to do. Poke, prod, mold, morph and hopefully make useful. Those are my goals. If I do something that confuses you, let me know! You can believe me when I say that is never my intent.

Have questions? Looking for some assistance with your cool technology project? Drop me a line, if it sounds fun I might even do it for free! 😉